Timmy Marsh a.k.a. blitzkrieg

10 year old who can duplicate himself and become a living bomb.


Age: 10


Weight: 60lbs

Powers: Baby formula


I was young when it happened only 6. My dad’s business was on fire, Colonel Courage came to help. Turns out he was allergic to my dog Lassie. If he had told me that I would have taken Lassie and gone across the street but no he decided to drop kick my dog, 15 blocks. They tell me Lassie basically exploded when she “landed”. I was mad, mad enough to discover part of my powers, I explode. Worst thing is when I exploded I tore Colonel Courage’s favorite cape so he left. He left before he put the fire out and my dad’s business burnt to the ground. I hate that guy.

Timmy Marsh a.k.a. blitzkrieg

To Kill a Mocking Bird (Colonel that is). shanelle