Donovan Peterson a.k.a Maverick

All around good guy, framed for larceny and wanted by police.


Age: 25

Height: 6”0’

Weight: 215lbs

Powers: Sprayed with toxic waste


I was always a good kid. I was a boy scout, an eagle scout to be exact. My biggest form of rebellion was to date a ditz named Britney. It was my freshmen year in college when the accident happened. Some science geek was experimenting with volatile chemicals when the lab blew up I was coated in toxic waste. It worked out well, for starters I didn’t die. Instead I became strong, super strong. I decided to use my powers for good and for a while I was a rising star. People were calling me the “New Colonel Courage”. Thing was, he wasn’t ready to be a has been just yet so I had to go. He framed me for larceny and I was sentenced to prison for ten years. I was three years into my sentence when Britney blasted me out. I’ve always been a good kid, but I think it’s time to give the bird the bird.

Donovan Peterson a.k.a Maverick

To Kill a Mocking Bird (Colonel that is). shanelle